We are Family!!

I know you are sitting there going through this website and thinking 'These guys are sooooo cool, I wish I could just be friends'. Well, your wish is our command. We love working with you guys within our little community, so here are a few options.

1. Model/Cosplayer
If you are a model/cosplayer that would like to shoot with us or just want to see yourself on a t-shirt, drop us a line at shirts@geekdomtees.com.au or here, including some images of yourself. You can also drop us a DM on Insta. There is nothing better than working with people who know a little bit about the subject matter that we are shooting. We will pay you for the shoot and you will have the potential to earn commission dollars.

2. Geekdom Ambassador
Do you play games on twitch? Do you have a heap of followers? Do you want to be sent some free product to wear or give away to your adoring fans? Do you want to be paid for pushing our stuff? Great! Shoot us an email to shirts@geekdomtees.com.au or contact us here. You can also slide into our DMs over on Insta. If successful, you will be given a unique code and could earn commission dollars.


We want to work with the community that is Geekdom! If you have ideas, thoughts, ways we can work together or just want a chat, please feel free to contact us.